Runner Information

General information:
   -Cross Country races are on grass, trails, dirt, fields, etc.
   -Every runner will run in every race (except GSCCC-need to qualify).  
   -Most races are 1 mile for the 4-6th graders
   -7-8th graders will run 1 mile or 1.5 miles depending on the meet .  Some 8th grade boys may run 2 miles.
   -No roads or tracks
   -They will usually run with the same grade or similar (4-6) grade levels 
   -Every runner needs a physical on file at St. Joe's.  
   -The sports physicals are good for 2 consecutive calendar years.  
   -If your child had a physical last year we will need a copy of the physical and you will then need to sign an alternate year card.   
   -Let me know if you have any questions. 
   -We also need a signed permission slip for each child that is participating.  You can print the permission slip here.  
   -For the Oaklawn Meet we will need a signed waiver holding them harmless because we will be running on private property.  
   -$30 for the t-shirt & entry fees to the various meets.  
   -Runners will not be able to run if they do not have all the paperwork completed by the first meet.   This includes the $25 fee.
   -We will run in all weather (except T-storms), so dress appropriately.  
   -If it is cooler dress in layers, it is easier to cool down than warm up.  
   -Please bring water or Gatorade to practices and to meets
   -You need to supply:
         Shoes-Running only running shoes.  Ask a coach if you have any questions.
         Black shorts for races
         Long sleeve t-shirt/sweatshirt for cold days
   -Start mid August
   -Practices will be held on Tues, Thurs, Sun afternoon/evening. 
       -We will be running at different locations so make sure to check the practice schedule.
       -Family members are welcome to stay and run with us
   -Practices include stretching, running, playing games, relay races
   -The total distance that the kids cover in some practices may add up to 3-4 miles
   -We are running 3 days a week because they are still kids.  We want to make sure that the kids are not overwhelmed with running.  We want
         this to be a fun and enjoyable experience.  We do not want it to feel like work.  There is a saying in the running world…”Our sport is your
         sports punishment.”  However, when we do practice we will get in some quality workouts. 
Practice Location:
   -Dorothy Carnes Park- Hwy 12 east, Park is located on right side of road, follow signs
   -Bark River River Nature Park (Hammerson’s Pond)
   -Rock River Park (Wisconservation Clubhouse)
   -Mason Farm-Part of Dorothy Carnes Park East-Entrance is located off of Banker Rd.
   -Locations will be listed on the practice schedule online
CC Meets: 
   -Invited to 7-8 meets
   -First meet is is usually first Friday in September

   -Meets are in Janesville, Fort Atkinson, Edgerton, Lake Mills, Beloit, Sun Prairie & West Allis
   -The races are held on different days of the week 
   -The youngest grade goes first (usually)
CC Meets-What to wear: 
   -Wear Black shorts and the t-shirt that you will get at the beginning of the season.  This is your uniform for the team.
   -If it is cold you can wear a long sleeve shirt under your St. Joe's t-shirt.  You can also wear a winter hat and light pair of gloves to run in.
CC Meets-What to bring:
   -Positive Attitude, Running shoes, bottle of water or Gatorade, Team shirt
CC Meets-What Not to bring:
   -No pets, footballs, frisbees, ipods
CC Meets-Meet Etiquette
   -There will be a team flag at each meet.  This will be a meeting place for before and after the races.
   -Once your runner is at the starting line they are “off limits”.  They are getting ready to race and need to start focusing on what is ahead.  This is similar to warm-ups in any other sport.
   -Coaches will be at the starting line.  They will handle any last minute instructions for the runners.
   -Here are the Do’s:
         -Encourage your runner, and all runners, with positive cheers
         -Go from point to point on the course.  You are allowed to go to different points on the course.  This is where they will be able to hear        
               your encouragements.  The start and finish is just a bunch of cheering from a group of strangers.  
   -Here are the Don’ts:
         -Do not pace your child.  It is illegal for anyone to pace a runner.  Your child may get disqualified.   
   -After the race:
         -Allow your runner to catch their breath.  
         -Every runner will be different emotionally after a race.  Some will be excited, some will be disappointed, some will be indifferent.
         -Let them “cool down” mentally before you talk to them.  
         -Their body language will tell you about how they feel.
         -Give words of encouragement.  You can talk about race strategy, tactics, training, etc. when you get home.
   -It is your responsibility to get your child to the meet.  Parents will need to drive your kids to meets and/or carpool.  
   -Directions are located online.  Please go to the directions icon and you will find directions.
How can YOU help?
   -Make sure that your runner is getting a good night sleep.  During these years the kids need a lot of sleep…and that is without running and
           training.  So make sure that you get them to bed at a decent time.
   -Make sure that they eat a good, well balanced diet…This is different for every runner.